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Buy 100% US Made Tariff Free Modules Today

Stion continues to ramp production capacity in response to growing demand. Contact your Stion sales rep today for details on availability, lead times and pricing.

In light of the recent injury decision by the International Trade Commission, we want to remind all of our partners and clients that Stion’s modules are 100% made in the USA.  We are not subject to tariffs or any other potential penalties from the ITC ruling. Stion is building long term supply relationships with key partners in the US market to help them manage supply risk.

201 ITC Trade Case Background (TA-201-75):

  • USITC unanimously voted 4 to 0 finding injury in the Section 201 solar trade case.
  • What’s next? The USITC is expected to provide its remedy recommendation on November 13.
  • Trump then has 60 days to reach a final decision on the remedy by January 12.

Schedule a Meeting at our next Event:STO

Washington State Solar Summit  Oct. 13 – Julia Sullivan

Solar Power Midwest  Oct. 19 & 20 – Jeff Burns

MOSEIA Annual Conference  Nov. 9 & 10 – Jeff Burns

More information about Stion can be found at www.stion.com.


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