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Dutch Home with Stion’s “Simply Better” Solar Modules nominated for “Best Building of 2017” in the Netherlands.


A Dutch home using Stion’s “Simply Better” solar modules was nominated for the “Best Building of 2017” by The Royal Institute of Dutch Architects.

The private residence, located along a river, is sleek and modest in design. The client desired a “modern rustic” feel with a balance between high-tech and nature. According to the homeowners, the 1.2kW Stion array installed on the roof of Longhouse will provide 30% of the total annual electric needs.

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Architects Rick Eijsbouts and Gijs Kaper of Architect Studio-PLS, based in Eindhoven, found Stion’s “Simply Better” solar modules to be a perfect fit. Stion’s
panels, bought through Stion’s Dutch Distributor EigenEnergie.net, were described as “paper-thin high-tech solar panels.” The solar modules were placed in a pattern, carefully between Longhouse’s skylights.

“Solar Power is the cheapest way to fulfill Dutch energy-regulations in this house,” said Kaper. Dutch regulations will require all new buildings to be energy neutral by 2021. “In advance, the home-owners were skeptical about the whole idea of solar power panels on their roof, because they saw many ugly solutions which didn’t bode well with the roof-composition. The Stion solar panel was perfect for this because of the measurements and the color which is in line with the roof. The home owners are happy they chose solar power now.”
More information about Stion can be found at www.stion.com

More information about Architecten Studio-PLS can be found at https://studio-pls.nl/.

For more information about buying Stion panels in the Netherlands contact www.EigenEnergie.net.

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