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Kenergy Solar Pursuing Qualified Partner for Free Solar Installation

IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 28th | Washington DC-­‐ Kenergy Solar announced today it is pursuing a host commercial building for a solar installation at no cost to the owner. The solar electricity that is generated will be sold to the building owner at a discounted rate to its current Pepco rate over the course of 20 years, for an estimated savings of at least $150,000. Kenergy has secured project financing and installation must be complete by the end of the year. The project will feature modules from Stion a US manufacturer of high-­‐efficiency thin-­‐film modules with a factory in Hattiesburg, MS. Stion’s modules offer exceptional aesthetics and strong field performance for commercial rooftop applications.

DC electricity rates have increased over 7% per year on average over the past 10 years and are expected to increase as current generation facilities age. Solar is a great way to hedge against rising utility rates while simultaneously contributing to roof life. Installation includes a monitoring display for maximizing marketing benefits. Additionally, the EPA notes such solar arrangements can provide “predictable energy pricing at no upfront capital cost while supporting the local economy and job creation”.

Building must meet the following requirements:

  • 9,000 square feet of unobstructed, unshaded roof space
  • Stable occupancy-­‐ either by owner or long term tenant
  • High energy consumption
  • Willingness and ability to move forward for project completion by the end of year

If your building meets these criteria, please contact Ashley@nullkenergysolar.com for more information.

About Kenergy Solar
Kenergy LLC is a solar energy solutions provider offering solar design, installation, monitoring, maintenance, and financing. Kenergy Solar has served the non-­‐profit, government, and commercial markets for ground-­‐mount and roof-­‐mount solar systems throughout the mid-­‐ Atlantic region since 2009. Kenergy specializes in crafting innovative financial solutions to the small to mid-­‐sized commercial, non-­‐profit, and municipal solar market.

Kenergy Solar
Ashley Shrader
7059 Blair Road NW, #201
Washington DC 20012

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