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Project Spotlight – Stion’s 255 kW Kern Sanitation Authority Project Performing at ~100% After 1 Year

KSAIn April of 2014, Stion Energy Services (SES), the project development arm of Stion Corporation, completed the installation of a 255 kW solar project at the
Kern Sanitation Authority (KSA) Waste Water Treatment Plant in Bakersfield, California. Upon conducting the 1st Anniversary review of the installation, the monitoring data validated the initial PVSYST energy production assumptions for the installation with the PV system producing at 99.44% of expected annual kWh generation. These results demonstrate Stion’s “Simply Better” solution in terms of consistency, power production and reliability.

The KSA solar system used Stion STL framed modules along with the Stion’s single axis tracking system. Over the course of the year, this 1x tracking system generated 498,719 kWh of electricity that was net metered for the benefit of the KSA. The expected production of the solar system incorporated the unique benefits of Stion’s technology including zero degradation and a lower temperature coefficient, which together resulted in an increased annual kWh output performance of 5-10% as compared to a similarly sized system using traditional silicon solar panels.

“After evaluating the different technology options available to us, we recognized that the Stion solution provided us with the highest Kilowatt hour (kWh) performance and the best overall value for the KSA,” said Ramzi Mansour, Senior Engineering Manager KSA.

By exclusively utilizing Stion Elevation Series modules, Stion Energy Services developments produce kWh outputs that can outperform competitors. With 15+ years of experience working with high-efficiency CIGS solar panels and different balance of systems partners, SES optimizes system designs to maximize the overall production of individual solar projects.

“The consistency and quality of Stion’s systems performance are an important point of differentiation for this market. Combined with the increased kWh production, we are able to provide solutions that translate into higher overall ROI and reliability for our customers and financiers,” said Jeff Cheng, CEO of Stion Energy Services.

About Stion:

Stion Corporation is a leading U.S.-based manufacturer of high-efficiency thin-film solar modules and provider of solar solutions. Stion provides vertically integrated turnkey solar solutions through its Stion Energy Services, its project development arm. Stion was founded in 2006 and is backed by Khosla Ventures, the largest institutional investor in clean technology in the U.S. Stion is headquartered in San Jose, Calif. and opened its first high volume production facility in Hattiesburg, Mississippi in 2012. For more information, visit www.stion.com. For more information on Stion Energy Services, visit www.stionenergyservices.com.

About KSA and the Waste Water Treatment Plant:

In the 1940s, residents in an east Bakersfield area were served by three different entities, but in 1991, these districts were combined and became Kern Sanitation Authority (KSA). Approximately, 3.5 million gallons per day of industrial, commercial, and domestic wastewater from nearly 40,000 residents in an east Bakersfield area is treated each day at the KSA Wastewater Treatment Plant. Plant effluent is used to irrigate 1,100 acres of adjacent farmland owned by KSA.


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