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“Simply Better” Stion Solution Helps Air Museum Save on Energy Costs

Stion and MD Energy Help Palm Springs Air Museum Overcome Obstacles and Cut 20% Off Energy Bill

Stion Photo Palm Springs Air Museum

When the Palm Springs Air Museum designed a new hangar to display its vintage combat aircraft, the museum decided to go green. In the hot, sunny Southern California climate with high temperatures of 120 degrees, the museum discovered it could shave 20% off its $100,000 annual electric bill with a rooftop solar array.

The museum selected, MD Energy, a Solar 3D Company and leading renewable energy design-build firm with a reputation for its high quality installations and use of premium products. With the support of its sister company, Tiger Electric, they designed a 340 kW roof-mounted array attached to a standing seam metal roof using high-performance Stion Elevation Series solar modules and Renusol’s CS60 racking system.


MD Energy projected that the Stion system would deliver both superior aesthetics and up to 10% more energy than silicon-based modules over its 25 year life cycle, improving ROI through a:
• Lower temperature coefficient leading to increased production
• High quality, glass on glass module construction, resistant to light-induced or potential-induced degradation
• Unique cell structure that results in less production loss in shaded conditions, when compared to c-Si.

In addition, Stion helped MD Energy engineer a system design which passed the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) “glint/glare test”, to prove that the modules would not impact the line of sight of the nearby runway. This involved Stion engineers working closely in conjunction with the MD Energy team to perform multiple simulations, to ensure full compliance with this detailed standard.


As Mike Ditsler, of MD Energy, noted “We pride ourselves on delivering exactly what the client needs. Our strong ongoing relationship with Stion enabled us to engineer an effective and low-cost solution for a complex installation.”

“Stion strives to be ‘Simply Better’ in all aspects of our offering to the end customer,” said Jim McGrath, Stion’s VP of Module Sales. “Our partnership with MD Energy is a good example of how we can work closely with clients to overcome difficult technical hurdles quickly.”

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