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Stion Energy Services and PAQ Power Eastland Plaza with “Simply Better” Frameless Rooftop Solution

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PAQ Inc. (Food 4 Less), a California grocer, is celebrating the “fruits” of its decision to partner with Stion Energy Services, who provided a “Simply Better” turn-key solar installation at its store at Eastland Plaza in south Stockton, CA. The 722kW array was built with Stion’s frameless modules and went into operation on May 19, 2016. The solar installation will help Food 4 Less cut its electricity costs and lower its environmental impact.

Over a 25 year period, PAQ Inc. (Food 4 Less) will offset more than $8.6 million worth of electricity costs with their solar PV system, helping lower operating costs, so that it can keep its prices low and remain competitive in the marketplace. This is the first PAQ Inc. store to go solar.


Management of Food 4 Less felt confident selecting the only vertically integrated solar developer with 100% of its manufacturing in the United States as it helped settle any concerns over quality, but also guaranteed supply chain availability that no other developers could provide.

Stion Energy Services is unique in that it exclusively uses Stion’s “Simply Better” technology which offers 5-10% more energy per kW when compared to crystalline modules.

Stion’s frameless module enables SES to further improve the industry-leading power generation capability of its systems. The frameless module weighs 10% less than Stion’s framed modules and up to 25% less than crystalline modules, and enables Stion to ship 30% more modules per container due to its sleek design. SES has also developed a proprietary adhesive solution which enables robust and streamlined installation.


Stion Energy Services exclusive use of Stion modules has enabled its engineers to identify which balance of system components work best with CIGS technology, so it can deliver more savings to its clients. “For developers who use different modules, inverters and racking on all of their projects, the sophistication of Stion Energy Services “Simply Better” systems is just not possible,” said Kevin MacKamul, who and serves as Director of Engineering for Stion Energy Services and has over 30 years of experience designing and installing commercial and utility solar projects.

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