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Stion Featured Installer: Apex Solar


Apex Solar Power, a full-service premier solar energy provider, has been installing Stion’s Simply Better™ Solar modules since 2014. Apex solar has installed over 25 megawatts of solar and 3,100 solar systems for customers throughout the Northeast United States. Apex works closely with Sungage financial to finance residential solar systems for their clients. Stion is an approved vendor with Sungage as well as Dividends Solar enabling installers across the country to grow their business by providing financing solutions.

Apex finds Stion solar modules to be ideal for its due to Stion’s sleek aesthetics and room for design flexibility. Ben Sopczyk, Apex’s Marketing Director, noted that all of their customers that choose Stion panels have one thing in common: they want American made modules with a sleek and modern look.

“We have many customers who want to have USA manufactured solar panels without sacrificing a clean appearance, or paying twice as much for their system. Stion panels allow us to offer a top-of-the-line product that looks great, is made in the USA, and most importantly- reliably produces solar electricity to meet our customer’s needs, regardless of the weather outside,” said Sopczk.

Perez Project

Apex’s Perez project, located in Delmar, NY, is an 8.55 KW Stion install-roof mount consisting of 3 strings of panels for a total of 57 modules which include SolarEdge optimizers and inverters plus a grid tied battery backup system,. The Perez project, installed about 1 year ago, offsets 100% of the homeowners usage making the home carbon neutral.

Perez project: Due to Stion’s design flexibility the installers were able to fit more wattage onto the roof and in turn got 5% more power produced from the system.

The above chart shows the equivalent metrics that one week of system production offsets. Just 7 days has a huge impact!

Stion’s panels are perfect for northern climates due to the ease of cleaning and decreased snow build-up. Due to the inherent nature of a frameless module, snow sheds off Stion’s frameless solar modules more quickly than framed modules, meaning Stion’s modules produce more energy as soon as the sun appears after a storm.

More information about Stion can be found at www.stion.com.

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