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Stion is the only US-made solar option for installers and EPC’s – BUY NOW!

Stion's Manufacturing Facility in Hattiesburg, MSStion’s Manufacturing Facility in Hattiesburg, MS

After recent insolvency announcements by Suniva and SolarWorld AG, Stion is one of just three solar panel manufacturers continuing normal day-to-day operations in the US along with First Solar in Perrysburg, OH and Tesla in Buffalo, NY (who both primarily serve in-house installation businesses). As a result, Stion is the only viable US-made solar panel choice left for installers and EPCs. Stion also offers turnkey commercial systems for select markets and applications through its Stion Energy Services business unit. Contact your Stion sales rep today to place an order!

Stion employs 170 people in Hattiesburg, Mississippi and does 100% of its manufacturing in the US, as well as the majority of the ongoing procurement for its factory. Stion is proud to do business with over 175 vendors in 31 states to manufacture a high-performance MADE IN USA product. Stion’s plant is fully automated and helps create high-skill, high-wage jobs which provide its workers with differentiated and transferrable skills.

Stion's Manufacturing Facility in Hattiesburg, MS
Stion’s Manufacturing Facility in Hattiesburg, MS

The President’s recent executive order to strengthen “Buy American” clauses for US government projects, along with a projected $1 trillion in infrastructure spending in the next 10 years, will create continued demand for US-made modules as an increasingly significant portion of the >$25 billion US solar market.

“Over 30 years ago, the US was the birthplace of modern solar manufacturing, and Stion is excited to continue carrying on that tradition,” said Chet Farris, Stion’s President & CEO and a 20+ year veteran of the solar industry. “With an increasing emphasis on US-made product, and limited sources of supply, we encourage you to grow your revenues and reduce your risk immediately with Stion products and services.”

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More information about Stion can be found at www.stion.com.

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