Stion Resource Guide

Stion Resource Guide

Datasheet, Manual, Warranty, Certs:

Module Datasheets:

Installation Manual

Standard Product Certifications: Advanced Product Certifications:
IEC61646 | IEC61730-1 | IEC61730-2 | UL1703 Salt Mist – Severity 6 (IEC 61701) | PV Cycle

Logos, Photos, & Videos:

Logos: JPG, PNG
Module Photos: STO, STL, Close Up 1, Close Up 2

Installation Photo Examples:

Stion USA Factory Video

PVSyst Energy Generation Estimates:

  • The “Stion Yield Advantage” (kWh/kWp) vs. c-Si is consistent across module bins (STO-140, 145, and 150).
  • PVSyst is the global standard for energy generation modeling, developed in Europe, and generally shows Stion’s 5-10%+ kWh/kWp yearly advantage vs. crystalline silicon

Live Energy Generation:

Stion 50 kW array (STO-145) Seminole, FL. Click to view.

Technical Notes, Training, & Compatibility:

Training Presentation

WEEB Compatibility Note

Module Power Electronics
Solar Edge

Residential: Commercial:
P405 Optimizer (two Stion STO modules in parallel per optimizer) P600 Optimizer (three Stion STO modules in parallel per optimizer)
SolarEdge Branch Cables: SE-CBY-2MM * SolarEdge Branch Cables: SE-CBY-3MM *

*Equivalent MC4-type branch cables or connectors from many manufacturers may also be used

Tigo Application Note
Product Page


Pallet Info & Specifications:
25 STO modules per pallet
1,060 lbs
69” x 32” x 45” (inches)

STO Module Quantity per Truck Size (USA):
53 ft truck: 1,050 modules (42 pallets)
48 ft truck: 975 modules (39 pallets)

STO Module Quantity per Container Size (International):
40 ft high cube container: 975 modules (39 pallets)
40 ft container: 650 modules ( 26 pallets)
20 ft container: 300 modules (12 pallets)