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Stion Saves $10,000/yr for Residential Compound in Singapore

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In the tropical island-nation of Singapore, where citizens place a high value on aesthetics and the average temperature exceeds 80ºF (27ºC), Stion’s “Simply Better” panels are a natural fit.  With the help of Energetix, a local Singapore installer, Stion panels are now featured on two of the largest residential installations in the country.  The recently installed systems were 46kW and 28kW, with the former being one of the top five largest residential installations in Singapore.  The larger system will offset US$10,000 per year in energy savings.

Stion’s industry leading temperature coefficient of -0.26%/ºC, means that energy production is not as affected in warmer climates when compared to c-Si which has a temperature coefficient of closer to -0.40%/ºC.

“High-end home developers such as Mr George Lim, demand both exceptional performance and aesthetics.  Our clients really like the way Stion’s modules blend seamlessly with their roofs, instead of looking like an architectural afterthought.” said Christophe Inglin, Managing Director of Energetix.

Moreover, with Singapore’s wet and humid weather, Stion’s Salt- Mist-Severity 6 (IEC 61701) certification is especially beneficial in the island country.  “Singapore, being located in the tropics has both cloudy and humid conditions practically year around. Stion’s high efficiency CIGS modules have better performance in diffused light as compared with typical c-si modules, hence provide higher generation (6-8%) per Kw installed, providing better returns and a faster payback to system owners,” stated Amol Naik, Stion’s sales representative in India and Southeast Asia.

Stion’s recent residential installations are not the company’s first foray into the Singapore market. In 2015, the company provided panels for the largest solar project in the Singapore Business District, for the South Beach development, and has supplied panels for numerous other BIPV installations as well.  Stion also provided modules for a 1MW installation for Singapore’s Housing Development Board.

More information about Stion can be found at www.stion.com.

Energetix designs, engineers, procures, and constructs solar PV systems in Singapore and other countries in Asia. The company also provides technical advisory from site selection and feasibility studies, to project management and operations and maintenance solutions. More information about the company can be found at: http://www.energetix.sg .

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