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Stion (Simply Better) Modules Demonstrate Zero Degradation in First Year

Outperform day 1, outperform day 10,000. Simply Better™, Now and Forever

SAN JOSE, CALIF., August 15, 2013 –In April 2012, Stion installed a 60 kW demonstration array in Hattiesburg, MS comprised of some of the very first CIGS modules produced at Stion’s high-volume factory in Mississippi. After 1 year of field production in the hot and humid Mississippi delta, Stion’s modules show zero degradation in power output. A random sample of modules was removed from the array and tested; they performed at or above the STC (Irradiance=1000 W/m², Air mass=1.5, Module temperature=25°C.) flash test result that was recorded at time of production. This may be a surprise to those in the solar industry that expect at least 1-2% loss in power in just the first year with silicon-based modules, but at Stion it’s no surprise because our modules are designed to be Simply Better™.

This stable performance confirms that Stion’s modules match the stability seen in CIGS modules that have been stable for nearly 8 years in a test array at the National Renewable Energy Lab. View the NREL test here.

Stion’s CIGS modules have a dual glass / glass construction providing significantly improved moisture resistance and lifetime durability over the traditional polymer based backsheets used in traditional PV modules. Stion modules are resistant to potential induced degradation, light-induced degradation, and provide a durable solution engineered to survive in harsh environments and out-perform in non-ideal situations.

In a statement from Stion COO Marty Finkbeiner, “We at Stion are excited to offer a product line with improved laboratory performance and industry-leading technology that out-performs other technologies from day 1 to day 10,000.”

About Stion:
Stion is a leading manufacturer of high-efficiency thin-film solar modules based on state-of-the-art materials and device technology and proven production processes. For more information, visit www.stion.com.

Josh Moore

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