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Stion’s “Simply Better” Durability and Performance in Extreme Condition’s: Part I

  Project XPD-1


Stion’s “Simply Better” solar modules outperform silicon in all environments, but perform exceptionally well under extreme conditions. Due to high quality engineering and fully automated MADE IN USA manufacturing the modules are extremely durable. Stion’s framed STO modules were recently put to the test in extreme desert conditions while mounted atop a Polaris UTV 4×4.

Polaris, a manufacturer of four-wheel vehicles for off-road use and traversing rough terrain, swamps, and marshland, held their first ever “Show N Shine” competition, in which each builder was given a Polaris UTV 4×4 to modify and enter into competition. ExpeditionUTV.com was one of 10 magazines selected by Polaris.  By incorporating a Stion module into their design they secured a 2nd place finish in the competition, beating out eight other competitors.   Winners were selected by Polaris fans who cast their votes on Facebook.

Project XPD-2

The Stion STO module was affixed to the top of a trailer towed behind the 4×4. It was connected to a deep cycle battery via a MPPT charge controller to recharge the battery and provide steady power for lighting and refrigeration at night. The panel was removed and oriented towards the sun during the early morning and early evenings to capture diffuse UV radiation. Stion’s superior performance in low-light conditions and when partially shaded helped ensure the vehicle was never without power.

Project XPD - Fire Shoot-6

“Even under the harsh conditions of a 4×4 cruising through the desert, Stion’s ultra-efficient panel produced more than enough power and emerged from the expedition unscathed,” said Brit Mansell, who designed the 4×4.   “Stion’s solar panel provided reliability, durability, efficiency and simple mounting,” he added. Stion continues to test the versatility, durability, and efficiency of our panels in all environments. The Polaris 4×4 demonstrated that, wherever you are in the world, Stion’s “Simply Better” Solar modules produce more energy no matter how harsh the conditions.

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