• Unique high-efficiency tandem solar panels
  • First dual-stacked solar panel
  • Standardized, simplified manufacturing platform

Stion is dedicated to technical excellence and elevating solar technology to new heights. We have a seasoned R&D including some of the world’s most experienced thin-film PV scientists, and a state-of-the art R&D lab in our San Jose, CA headquarters. Our next-generation R&D efforts are focused on developing a disruptive “tandem junction” module that will deliver among the highest efficiencies at the industry while maintaining a simple, thin-film cost structure and design.

Our technology uses a revolutionary thin-film design featuring two stacked devices that enable broader and more effective light absorption. A typical solar panel only absorbs a small part of the visible light spectrum. By layering two different solar circuits, each one geared towards a different part of the spectrum, the module can absorb far more energy than traditional panels.

Stion’s tandem junction module design is a disruptive innovation that requires only incremental changes to the current product and process. Our Gen 1 device structure has an inherently low band gap enabling it to serve as the bottom circuit for Gen 2. The bill of materials for the product does not change dramatically as the module construction remains the same. Stion is currently utilizing a grant from the Department of Energy’s PV Incubator program to scale up and commercialize this one-of-a-kind product.