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U.S. Department of Energy Awards Stion $1M for Module Efficiency R&D


U.S. Department of Energy funds research into new solar module interconnect technology to improve efficiency and reduce cost of US manufactured solar panels

Stion Corporation, a 100% US-owned company that produces a 100% American made solar module is the proud recipient of a $956,630 grant from the U.S. Department of Energy. This grant was awarded through the U.S Department of Energy’s SunShot Initiative Program and will investigate new monolithic interconnect technology in conjunction with Colorado State University. This new state-of-the-art technology will increase module efficiency through improvements in the scribing and interconnection process. Increases in efficiency will lead to a lower levelized cost of electricity for consumers.

Stion Corporation, based in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, produces all of its modules from start to finish at Stion’s 700,000+ square foot manufacturing plant, which is one of the largest and most advanced solar manufacturing facilities in the United States. The Mississippi manufacturing and engineering center produces monolithically integrated CIGSSe modules and is supported by San Jose-based R&D and Project teams. The 150MW factory has been running for 5+ years with excellent process control and can produce 160W modules – 15% STC / 11.3% NOCT efficiency. Stion plans to increase current product efficiency through funding provided by the U.S. Department of Energy.

The grant will fund a project to develop an all-laser interconnect architecture that can be patterned in one step after cell deposition on Stion’s module manufacturing line in Hattiesburg Mississippi. This process could potentially increase the efficiency of Stion’s modules by 6% (relative) and lower the manufacturing cost by radically streamlining the production flow.

Stion Corporation was selected as a part of the SunShot Initiative’s Photovoltaics Research and Development 2 funding program, which seeks to transform PV module design, explore high-risk emerging technology research, and devices and designs that facilitate rapid solar installation. Projects under this program will investigate new solar technology innovations that have the potential to make solar power affordable throughout the United States.

Professor James Sites and his PV group at Colorado State University have worked with Stion on several occasions. “I am excited to work with the Stion team on the recently announced DOE project. Our PV measurement and analysis capabilities should nicely support Stion’s novel ideas for enhancing the performance of CIGS solar panels.”

About Stion Corporation

Stion is a leading manufacturer of high-efficiency thin-film solar modules, advancing the industry by dramatically improving the cost and performance of solar energy through superior manufacturing and R&D technology. Stion’s panels are utility grade, 100% made in the USA, offering industry leading aesthetics through a sleek black design and long term reliability.

About the SunShot Initiative

The U.S. Department of Energy SunShot Initiative is a national effort to drive down the cost of solar electricity and support solar adoption. SunShot aims to make solar energy a low cost electricity source for all Americans through research and development efforts in collaboration with public and private partners. Learn more at energy.gov/sunshot.

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