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White House Issues “Buy American” Exec. Order – Secure US-made Stion Modules Today!

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On April 18th President Trump signed an executive order aiming to close loopholes that have allowed American taxpayer dollars to flow overseas when procuring equipment for energy and infrastructure projects. Previously, under the Buy American provisions of the 2009 Recovery Act, government agencies were allowed to use foreign manufactured solar modules for government funded projects, if final assembly was done in the US or other compliant Trade Agreement Act (TAA) countries.  Furthermore, government agencies further weakened these lax requirements by leasing government land to solar project owners who installed Chinese solar panels and then sold the “American Made” energy back to the government agencies.

Anti-competitive product dumping by Chinese manufacturers has left few choices for those looking to buy US solar modules, and support domestic energy independence and job growth. Last week Suniva, one of just four US solar manufacturers servicing the 14GW domestic market filed for Chapter 11, leaving Buy American customers with severe supply chain risk as the pending changes to “Buy American” go into place. Contact Stion today to buy modules from a 100% US owned company that proudly employs over 150 American workers and is making the US economy “Simply Better” with every panel it sells.

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“Thin-film solar manufacturing creates high-skill, high-wage manufacturing jobs which provide workers with sustained employment and transferrable skills,” said Frank Yang, Stion’s VP of Business Development. “The new administration’s push to close purchasing loopholes is long overdue in a commodity industry where many installers and project developers have willingly eliminated US jobs and US manufacturing capacity by helping Chinese manufacturers create loopholes in federal procurement.”

“Even worse, many of these plants in China have high rates of pollution along with sub-standard wages and working conditions. Stion takes pride in running a clean, safe and worker-friendly facility which delivers high-performance, high-quality product to our fellow US taxpayers.”

More information about Stion can be found at

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